Monday, July 30, 2007

Writing 009 -- Characters of Tragedy & Redemption

This episode explores Tragedy and Redemption tales. It's purely an introduction; there is so much more we can talk about.

I take a look at some classic stories like Macbeth, Les Miserables and A Christmas Carol. They really stand up to time not merely as stories but as models of their respective genres.

Enjoy. And please -- comment.

Listen: Characters of Tragedy & Redemption



Eric Margerum said...

Hey Tom,

Welcome back. When I discovered your podcast several months ago it took me a while to catch up and then suddenly there were no new episodes. I see why now, you've taken the technical aspects up a couple notches, with cleaner editing, well balanced background effects and smooth transitions into and out of audio clips. Very professional. The content is as strong as ever, but without the frequent apologies for tangents or sidebars. You never needed to apologize, my friend, it was always good and interesting stuff. Keep up the good work.

Tom Occhipinti said...

Thanks! I really appreciate your comments.

The show has always been fun to do -- more so now that I am introducing more audio effects. I hope I struck a good balance, not hitting the listener with too much.

By the way -- some of you might notice that I referred to Scrooge's nephew as Bob Cratchit. After I posted the episode, I realized I had gotten it wrong. Cratchit was not Scrooge's nephew. Fred was.

Well, needless to say, I had to re-record that part of the show and replace the error with the correct information. But not before some 600 people downloaded the wrong version.

Ooops. Sorry, folks. I'll address the matter in the next main show for the sake of clarity and accuracy. However, that error doesn't alter the point I was making, so I suppose it's not SO bad.

Anyway, thanks again, Eric.


Writer's Den said...

Hello Tom,

Anyway, I'm a new author and your tips seem to fast for me. I was wondering although I have to admit you have a great sense of what you're talking about. I'd love to ask a few questions if you don't mind answering, if you don't I understand. I just want to know how do I create a romantic relattionship from a simple friendship? And if I could, do I have to do it in small steps or big steps? Just curious.... love your podcast. It's enlightening as a writer myself although I haven't published anything yet.

LtL said...

Well, we have missed you. Hope the novel is going well. Did you NaNo? I did, and you should see the mess!

I am glad that you brought up SCROOGE, though. I was putting up favorite Christmas movies on my blog, and that's one I forgot. Shame on me.

Hope school is still fun and that you and yours are well. Let us hear from you. Writer's Den has a pretty good question about relationships. Would you say that going from friendship to romantic love in fiction is anything like real life? Would one partner lead and the other know a good idea when he sees it? I'm trying to think of good examples of this, but I can't. It's very early here.

Anyway, come back when you can.

telephone said...

I've just discovered your podcast, and I just listened with an mp3 player (and headphones) as I tended my garden.

Are you (still) alive? I feel like your last episode (oo9) was recorded just a few hours ago.

Now I come to your blog and it's July, 2007! And you haven't replied to the last two comments.

So, have you abondoned this endevour (I hope not), and I remember you said (in one of your podcasts) that you wouldn't.

But I really like and enjoy what I hear (in your podcasts). Keep up the good work! And thanks -- your podcasts have gotten me in the mood (again) to go at it and get my novel done.

Paul said...

Great insight! I'm writing both of those kinds of stories right now, and I learned a lot from this cast! Thank you!

TamiJean said...

Looks like you haven't updated in a while - coming from a blogging background, I know how much feedback can affect your motivation to continue, and I very much want you to continue!

I'm slowly working my way through your backlogs, and just finished the Dialog podcast this morning.

Hopefully I'll pop back in again once I've caught up (it's difficult to have a rousing discussion on year-old content), but I look forward to it.

Chin up, and never fear that you're not being heard. Your silent audience is often your most important.

Jessica Brown said...

Your show has been severely missed. Thank you for the very informative, entertaining show. I hope to see you update again in the future.

Best Wishes

Jessica Brown

Creative Writer said...

Hey Tom,
I am a new subscriber to your podcast and have just listen to the last one you posted and just reailize that you havn't posted a new one in over a year and a half so I was wondering if you lost interest in it or what. I'm not trying to be mean or pushy I'm just currious and I am sure some of your other subscribers are as well. If you could reply when you can please do.
Your loyal subscriber,
Creative Writer

Tom Occhipinti said...

Hey, guys. My show is on an indefinite hiatus. Lots of stuff going on in my life now. All good, but its definitely taking my time from me.

I'm sorry I haven't posted an explanation, but it's coming.

However, the podcast feed will stay active, and I plan to be back one day. So remain subscribed.

tripleiron said...

Hey Tom

I just found your podcast in the iTunes store. I'm 12 minutes into the first episode and I think I've become a fan. Glad to hear your a scifi guy cause that's my favorite topic. Planning to listen to your other episodes and passing it on to other friends. Thanks.

RogueDonut said...

Im so glad your coming back. I as a young writer have benefited a lot from your podcasts and hope I might get a chance to chat with you. I cant wait to listen to some more of your podcasts.

PJ said...

I just discovered your podcast and wondering if you are no longer doing the podcast, where else we can find you and your work? are you on twitter? another website? facebook? I hope all is well with you :-)

Michael McGovern said...

Just found your podcast on itunes and enjoyed it very much. You seemed to put a great deal of thought into the topics and executed them well, and I found them inspiring for my own writing.

It would be great if you would put out more episodes, but I just wanted to write to say thank you for what you've done. It can seem like you're in a vacuum with these things, and I wanted you to know what you have already done was greatly appreciated.

Good luck with the writing, and thanks.

Princess C0d3n said...

Hi,I'm a young writer and your pod casts are very helpful.Thank you.

Princess C0d3n said...

Hi,I'm a young writer room for improvement, and your podcast really help. Thank you very much

Arran Southall said...

Hey Tom

I'm not even sure if you're checking this website anymore, but I just wanted to write and say after coming across the 9 full shows plus quick tips in iTunes, I've listened to each one with great interest.

I had assumed you'd taken some sort of hiatus, and after reading your comment above now know it to be true.

I just want to say thanks for putting the existing shows together. They're such a great archive of knowledge. If you ever do decide to do more shows, I'll be looking forward to them.


Arran Southall said...

Hey Tom

I randomly came across your 9 full shows and accompanying quick tips in iTunes and have fast become a big fan.

I had assumed that you were on some sort of hiatus and, after reading the above comment now know it to be true.

I just wanted to say thank you for the existing shows. They are a great source of knowledge.

If you ever do decide to make another show, I'll be looking forward to it.